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« Last post by Lithium on October 20, 2012, 01:25:52 PM »
B A N   L I S T   O F   D C D
- After much thought we have decided not to publicly post bans. If a person is banned they'll know it and I see no reason to broadcast it.


If you are banned by a specific designer that does not mean you are banned from the site. You may be unable to request from one specific designer for whatever reason, but that in no way, means you are banned from the site entirely.

It just means that designer that banned you will not accept your requests.
« Last post by Lithium on August 15, 2011, 01:00:07 AM »
R U L E S   O F   D C D

1.) Respect others and treat them as you want to be treated. This does not mean you have to kiss and hug the people you do not like, it does, however, mean that you have to be cordial to them. Either by ignoring them or being polite - the choice is yours. This goes for not just members, but admin and designers. No one deserves to be made to feel unwelcome or ostracized.

2.) No stealing or altering someone else's work. This is a pretty easy one to understand and appreciate. People work hard on their creations and taking it to crop off the name or blend it off and then using it for yourself is rude as hell. Plus, I'm sure whoever made it would be willing to either make you one of your own or help you learn how to make your own.

3.) We all use the same template for requesting. This one to me, just makes things run smoother. I always wanted to rip my hair out when I'd go onto a board to request and everyone had a different template they used. This simplifies things. However, this does not mean all designers have the same rules. So, please, read their rules before requesting to avoid issues.

4.) Clean Slate Policy: Everyone has a past, however, on this board it's a fresh start. No one will be banned for past transgressions. So, please leave your drama at the door; if you cannot do that then you will be asked to leave.

5.) Hostility towards anyone will not be tolerated. This is sort of redundant; but I feel it needs to be said. Whether you are a designer, admin or a member, a message board is not the place to take out your anger.  Hate anyone you want, but if you attack someone or are seen being hostile you will be given a warning or asked to leave on the spot depending on the severity of the offense. That is my number one pet peeve about design sites. Staff members being rude to members because they think they can. Design boards and RP rooms/boards cannot stay open without members being there - remember that.

6.) If you donate to DCD it stays. After you donate something to the board, say a tutorial or other resources and get tickets for it(Either by staff awarding or through individual means) it stays on DCD, even if you leave.

7.) Signature Sizes. Should be kept below 300 in height and 700 in width. Larger, especially in height tends to make simple posts HUGE and if you're, for instance, playing a game on one of the threads your post will takes up way more space then needed.

8.) Accounts. Recently I've noticed that some people have two or even as many as three accounts. I'm not sure if this is by accident or if they're just making a new one to switch names. However, let's just stick to one account, please. If you wish to change your name just change your display name and if you cannot do that contact an admin member to help you out.

Note: Some boards on the forum are set up on a post numbered basis.

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